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The Middlebury Student Government Association is the primary channel through which students participate in college policy making and represent the Middlebury student body. In the interest of transparency and increased participation, members of the Middlebury community may use this site to raise any issues that they wish the SGA to address. The questions, comments and concerns received through this blog will be read and considered at weekly Senate and Cabinet meetings.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Middlebury College Student Government Association
Senate Meeting
Sunday February 25, 2007
Robert A. Jones Conference Room

I. Call to Order 6:15p
II. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes* 6:17p
III. Cabinet and Community Council Report 6:20p
IV. Planning and Implementation (Alina and Antoinette) 6:27p
V. Energy Consumption Awareness Bill (Annie)* 6:35p
VI. Finance Committee Presentation (Amanda)* 6:45p
VII. Adjourn 7:15p

*Denotes action item

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Midyear Election: Letters of Intent

Feb Senator:

Laura Kasprzyk:
My name is Laura Kasprzyk and I am a member of the class of 2010.5 running for the position of Feb senator. Like you, I am so excited to be here at Middlebury and I will do everything I can to best represent our class and Feb interests on the SGA. Here at Middlebury, I'm a member of the Mischords and the Chamber Singers. I am not intimidated by new situations and I will jump right into work on the SGA to best serve Febs!

I also am qualified for the job with experience in leadership, event planning and organization. Throughout high school, I was involved in city government in my hometown of Midland, Michigan as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Student Council (including holding the post of Class President for two years), NHS (serving as President), and held leadership positions in various other clubs.

I encourage all of you to get online and vote this Thursday for me, Laura Kasprzyk, for leadership that is accessible, fair and inclusive!

Emily Stephens:
My name is Emily Stephens and I am running for SGA Feb Senator for the class of 2010.5. Febs occupy a special niche in the Middlebury community, and as we continue to settle into our new lives on campus, it is important to elect a Feb Senator who is ready to take risks and speak up in representing our class. I believe I am that person. I have had experience in student government and have held many leadership positions. I know that if elected, I will help lead our class towards defining common goals, building group unity, and forging an identity within the larger circle of the Middlebury community. Ultimately, I care deeply about student life at Middlebury and am excited about an opportunity to become actively involved. We febs are an extraordinary group of people, and it would be an honor to represent our class in SGA. As we transition to college life and anticipate four exciting years here at Middlebury, I urge you to vote for me as your Feb Senator. Thank you for your consideration.

Emily Stephens

Junior Half-Year Senator:

Ashwin Gargeya:
After careful deliberation and encouragement from my peers, I have decided to run for the position of Junior Half-Year Senator. I hope to serve as an effective conduit between the Student Government Association and you, and further your concerns and increase your voice. We don't have that much time left on this campus, but I would like our remaining time to be utilized well so we leave Middlebury with few regrets.

As a senator, I hope to address many of the reoccurring issues our grade has faced, and through constant contact with all of you, come up with solutions to new issues that surface. We do have the power to make decisions to benefit us, and with me as your senator, we can make small changes that will let the school truly be a reflection of us. I am an extremely accessible person and really have nothing else to do, so god knows that I have the spare time to listen to all of you.

I will bring an energy to the SGA, and a strong drive and desire to help make this school a better place for us, so we can best enjoy what little time we have left here. Please feel free to contact me via email (agargeya@middlebury.edu), and I do not really know my phone extension, so email is probably best.

Thank you.

Austen Levihn-Coon:
As an SGA Junior Class Senator, I will improve the dissemination of information about SGA proceedings. I will help to ensure that the student body and especially my constitutions of the junior class know what the SGA is working on and how they can be involved. I will be available to hear concerns and endorse and promote the ideas of the student body and especially the junior class. I will work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the SGA in order for the student government to better represent the sentiments of the student body and to promote access to and communication between the student body and the administration.

In addition, I will ceaselessly promote transparency in all aspects of the student government and administration. As a senator I will push for the transparency of SGA spending, especially through the disclosure of finance committee allocations. I will push for the disclosure of vote tallies for senate elections as I did with the SGA presidential election last year and for an improvement in the election process. I believe a good community is built on trust and communication, that transparency and disclosure can only improve a community and I will promote these ideals in all aspects of the student body, the college, and especially the student government.

I thoroughly promote student access to project and arts facilities such as the darkroom, climbing wall, and newly created bike shop. As a senator I will promote the creation and maintenance of more facilities open to all students such as a wood shop, print shop, and other work facilities and tools. Finally, I will be proactive about hearing the voices of my constituents, the junior class, and work to address their concerns and promote their ideas.

Austen Levihn-Coon
Class of 2008

Wonnacott Commons Senator:

Sarah Elkhayat:
Hey Wonnacott!

My name is Sarah Elkhayat ’09.5, and I am running for the Wonnacott seat in the SGA Senate. I was Student Council President in high school, and currently I am on of the R.A.s in Gifford, so I feel I have the right combination of experience and Wonnacott love to represent you in the SGA. What amazes me is how much pride Wonnacotters have in our commons, and I feel that’s because Wonnacott is responsible for so many great things on campus, like Fondue Friday and the Raise the Volume concert, both of which I helped organize.

One of the things I’d like to do if elected to the Senate would be to push for a college issued debit/access card. We have an ID card that gets us into buildings, a laundry card to wash our clothes, and credit cards and cash for MiddExpress and the Grille. Wouldn’t it be great if we had one card that did all of that? It’s a pain to carry all those things around campus, especially when you have that thin blue ID case that falls apart after a month. With this card, you just put a set amount of money on it at the beginning of the semester and use it whenever you want a smoothie from the Juice Bar or to do your laundry because you’ve run out of clean underwear. I’m aware that something of this nature existed in the past, but I think if we work out the kinks, we can make it last for good. This may seem like a small thing, but it’d be nice to have a few less details to worry about in our busy lives.

That’s just one thing I’d like to accomplish if elected. I really want to let you guys know that I would look forward to hearing all of your great suggestions and passing them on to the SGA, like for instance any concerns you might have about housing. Please feel free to stop by Gifford anytime; my door is always open, and I have a really comfy moon chair and an endless supply of candy. We can make the changes that you want to see, so please vote for me!

Sarah Elkhayat ’09.5

Keith Grogg:
It seems as though the general consensus among the students is that the senate is distanced from them and does not represent their interests. What I offer is a new face; a fresh perspective with which I hope to use to enliven the connection between the students and their representatives. What is remiss in the current system is clear: we need well defined lines of communication for the students to translate their ideas into policy. My role as a representative would be to facilitate that connection.

I want to be a senator for Wonnacott commons because I feel it is my duty to give back to the Middlebury community. In the time I have been at Middlebury I have enjoyed working in the Wonnacott common’s office, thereby acquainting myself with the workings of the commons and getting to know the everyday issues confronting Middlebury students. My involvement with the commons puts me in a unique position among candidates where I am both privy to the bureaucratic structure of the commons and am an outsider to the existing political structure. This allows me to better understand the gaps in the existing system and thus fully connect with my fellow students.

Max Nardini:
As both a member of the Middlebury community and candidate for Wonnacott Senator, I am in favor of several initiatives. I am in favor of making our campus carbon neutral. I am in favor of continuing to raise awareness and support for the victims of genocide in the Sudan. I am in favor of installing a modest but effective number of “blue lights” with security call boxes around the campus. I am in favor of eliminating all harmful hydrogenated oil (transfats) from the dining halls. Finally, I am dedicated to facilitating open and informed debate on issues important to our community.
Regardless of the outcome of the election, I will continue to work toward these goals because I genuinely believe that they are important. However, as last year’s senatorial experience taught me, no one can honestly pledge to complete a laundry list of initiatives over the course of a year. Change takes time. Being elected Wonnacott Senator would make it easier to work toward realizing these goals. Still, win or lose, I cannot promise to achieve the above initiatives by the end of the academic year.

What I can unequivocally promise is that I will fight to ensure that student opinion has a role in the policy making of Middlebury College. I promise to work to rally student support on important issues, and do my very best to ensure that the administration has a clear understanding of student priorities. Most importantly, I promise to always be open to the thoughts, comments, and concerns of all members of our fine Community. Together we have the power to ensure that our short time at this incredible institution is one of which we can all truly be proud.

Julisa Salas:
Dear Wonnacotters,

Hi! My name is Julisa Salas. As a freshman candidate for Wonnacott Senate, I intend to revitalize the spirit of Wonnacott. Our community must be fortified through the amicable bond that naturally exists by being in Wonnacott. With the help of my fellow peers, I believe I can strengthen and bridge the gap found amongst the grades. Active participation from every member of Wonnacott will help increase the quality of life in every respect. Furthermore, my involvement in Community Council has provided a stable base in highlighting issues that concern Middlebury College. As senator, I will listen and deliver accordingly.

Thank you,
Julisa Salas

Bobby Joe Smith III:
My reasons for running for Wonnacott Senator are as follows. First and Foremost I love Middlebury College and Wonnacott Commons, both of which have presented me with a plethora of opportunities, and an energetic network of students and faculty I consider to be my friends. Everyone in their own way has contributed to what has made Middlebury special, to what has made our school one of the top collegiate institutions in the nation. I want to make my contribution by being one of the many hardworking and innovative people that spend countless hours shaping Middlebury College and Wonnacott Commons into the great place that it is. Being a part of Student Government, especially as the representative voice of Wonnacott Commons, is the best way for me to utilize my talents in a way that can help Middlebury College continue to adapt to the interests of its students.

While I have no experience working in student government, I feel I have a number of attributes that would make me a viable candidate for the Senate position for Wonnacott Commons, and a valuable member of the Student Government Association. I am approachable, and am extremely comfortable speaking and working with students and faculty alike. I am already engaged in a wide variety of activities on campus, including sports, clubs, and organizations which provide me with an excellent medium for interaction amongst a diverse range of students and faculty. Lastly, I enjoy being a leader; it is a position I have often assumed in the past, and one I feel comfortable and familiar with. Running for SGA Senate is the best way for me to show my appreciation and giveback by being the voice and leader for everyone that makes Middlebury College and Wonnacott Commons great.

Bobby Joe Smith III ‘09

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