Middlebury Student Government Association

The Middlebury Student Government Association is the primary channel through which students participate in college policy making and represent the Middlebury student body. In the interest of transparency and increased participation, members of the Middlebury community may use this site to raise any issues that they wish the SGA to address. The questions, comments and concerns received through this blog will be read and considered at weekly Senate and Cabinet meetings.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Middlebury College Student Government Association
Senate Meeting
Sunday November 12, 2006
Robert A. Jones Conference Room


I. Call to Order 6:15p
II. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes* 6:17p
III. Cabinet and Community Council Report 6:20p
IV. Room Draw Recommendation Update 6:30p
V. Senior Class Dinner Proposal (Sandy Sokoloski) 6:40p
VI. Campus Security Discussion (Antoinette Rangel) 7:00p
VII. Curriculum Enhancement Discussion (Katie Hylas) 7:20p
VIII. Adjourn 7:30p

*Denotes action item

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