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The Middlebury Student Government Association is the primary channel through which students participate in college policy making and represent the Middlebury student body. In the interest of transparency and increased participation, members of the Middlebury community may use this site to raise any issues that they wish the SGA to address. The questions, comments and concerns received through this blog will be read and considered at weekly Senate and Cabinet meetings.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Staff Appreciation Award

It's that time of year again: the SGA is calling for nominations for this years’ recipient of the Staff Appreciation Award. The award is presented to the member of the Staff who has demonstrated exceptional service to the Middlebury community, and in doing so has established a strong relationship with individual students, groups of students, and/or the student body as a whole.

Please take a moment to honor a Staff member who has demonstrated these above characteristics, by submitting a nomination to the SGA via email. All nominees will be honored at a cocktail reception open to the entire campus community later this spring.

Directions for Nominating:
Please email sga (at) middlebury (dot) edu with the name of the person you wish to nominate and his or or her job here at Middlebury. In a brief paragraph, describe how this person fulfills the characteristics described above. Nominations do not have to be long, but the strength of your words will be considered when the Senate votes. Please include your name and class year.

The deadline for submissions is this Saturday, April 28, at 5pm.



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